Why Us?

It is illegal in Cyprus for anyone who is not licensed and registered to operate as an estate agent.

As registered estate agent no. 334, we have a duty to our clients and to our association to work the correct way.

In order to obtain this licence, examinations in real estate, planning and conveyancing laws must be passed with honours, ensuring the customer is advised correctly and lawfully. We are obliged by our status to keep an insurance policy for the security of our clients in the event of any wrong dealings. You only receive this security and peace of mind from a legally registered office.

Be sure to request evidence of registration when enquiring about property. This will ensure sound advice and help avoid bogus Real Estate ‘Cowboys’. Unfortunately here in Cyprus they are commonplace.

We appreciate that our clients require a high standard of service. Unlike most of our colleagues, we prefer to work to strict timetables and schedules. With us, you are assured of prompt action and we are very mindful of what the customer requires, not simply of what we have on offer! There is no room for mediterranean ‘siga-siga’, ‘tomorrow will do’ attitudes in our company.  Punctuality is of high priority!

Our extensive service also includes free conveyancing when purchasing property with us.

Our staff have been trained in the U.K. therefore, we like to think that we are sensitive to non-nationals living in a foreign country. In the complex world of real estate laws and regulations, we strive to make things as simple as possible for our clientele.

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